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Wed Jul 13 10:23:39 GMT 2005

Alex Lyashkov <shadow at> дµÀ£º
§£ §³§â§Õ, 13.07.2005, §Ó 06:42, Jone Jas §á§Ú§ê§Ö§ä:
> Alex Lyashkov дµÀ£º 
> §£ §£§ä§â, 12.07.2005, §Ó 16:03, Vlad GALU §á§Ú§ê§Ö§ä:
> > On 7/12/05, Jone Jas wrote:
> > > Thanks for your reply. I googled and found this method but
> I just
> > > did not have a try.
> > > As for the code-hacking method I mentioned, anyone with
> any idea
> > > is appreciated!
> > 
> > 
> > See ufs_quota.c, especially chkdqchg(). It is passed a
> struct
> > ucred* parameter, which contains a struct prison* pointer.
> So I assume
> > you can make your decision based on that. Of course, the
> userland
> > quota management tools and the jail utilities need to be
> made aware of
> > the kernel changes.
> > 
> > -- 
> >if you compile kernel without QUOTA support it been disabled.
> >I think, more correctly way implement jail disk limit as
> parallel >for disk quota function.
> IMHO, we can use a sysctl variable to control the
> functionality.

>option QUOTA? or jail disklimit? 
I mean jail disk limit

>for jail disklimit more easy create tools who controled all limits >for jail.
>Look to LinuxVServer project ( or >FreeVPS.
Sure. The tools may control all limits such as cpu time, memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc. I have read the Linux VServer dlimit code. But I am not very sure where to put the hooks for inode/blocks control of jail in FreeBSD. This is why I open this thread. Vlad GALU said I can look to the quota method. I will try. Thanks.
FreeVPS Developers Team


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