SIMPLEQ_* macros from OpenBSD sys/queue.h

Florent Thoumie flz at
Tue Jul 12 15:59:36 GMT 2005

	I'm currently working on OpenBGPd port update and I'm facing a
	little problem that is actually quite painful to deal with.

	I need some macros from OpenBSD sys/queue.h which aren't present
	in FreeBSD. I can replace #include <sys/queue.h> with #include
	"queue.h" and copy the file in the working directory but this
	leads to having more than 10 patches.

	Yeah I'm using REINPLACE_CMD, but sometimes sys/queue.h is a
	hidden "dependency" (by hidden, I mean it's included by an
	included header file, and doesn't show up directly in the source

	So, could somebody consider merging these SIMPLEQ_* macros or
	even synchronize FreeBSD and OpenBSD versions ?


	Note: This could have been posted to -current, I wasn't sure
	which mailing list was the best.

Florent Thoumie
flz at
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