Abhijeet Anant Sane abhijeet_sane at persistent.co.in
Tue Jul 12 12:16:51 GMT 2005

Hello Hackers ,
I am doing a project where i am supposed to backport some hyperthreading code from FreeBSD 5.x to 4.1 . I found the scheduler code in version 5.x in the file sched_4bsd.c  / sched_ule.c  ( for the ULE scheduler ) where as in FreeBSD version 4.1 I was unable to find the scheduler code. I also found that the scheduler architecture is so much changed that backporting will be a royal pain. 

does some one have any idea on implementing the above code ??? ... can any one point me where the scheduler code is in 4.1 .. 

thanks in advance ..

abhijeet sane

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