Odd ataraid situation

Giovanni P. Tirloni gpt at tirloni.org
Tue Jul 12 11:38:35 GMT 2005

Vasil Dimov wrote:
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>> But I'd like to ask if it'd theoretically be possible to create the RAID1
>>array (ar0) with only one disk and add the second one later? It'd work
>>like a broken array for some time. It's just an idea :)
> Find some unused disk, plug it into the machine, build the array, see
> that FreeBSD is happy with ar0, then unplug that disk and you are ready.
> It's not what you asked for, but it is one possible solution for your
> issue.

  If I use a 40GB disk with the 120GB one it creates a 40GB array. It 
seems correct but doesn't help. I thought about hacking ataraid somehow 
so it does the opossite but it seems ugly.

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