Odd ataraid situation

Giovanni P. Tirloni gpt at tirloni.org
Tue Jul 12 02:08:41 GMT 2005


 I've to start working on a new server right now that should use ataraid
for RAID mirroring but the customer shipped a box with only one disk and
the second one won't arrive soon for many reasons.

 I know ataraid can't build a RAID mirror without two disks and I've
already checked both atacontrol.c and ata-raid.c. It's clear it needs two
disks and I'm no guru to do anything about it right now since the disk
would arrive before I had done any coding.

 But I'd like to ask if it'd theoretically be possible to create the RAID1
array (ar0) with only one disk and add the second one later? It'd work
like a broken array for some time. It's just an idea :)


Giovanni P. Tirloni

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