thread-safe popen

Dipjyoti Saikia dipjyoti.saikia at
Tue Jul 5 10:45:51 GMT 2005


I am working on an OS derived for BSD 4.1 .  I am trying to backport a
thread-safe version of popen() from BSD 4.10 .

My plan is to create a file in libc_r/uhtread as uthread_popen.c which
will contain the thread safe version of the code .

The problem I am facing while building the libraries is that it gives
error of multiple declarations of popen since libc_r is  sharing the
popen with libc . If  I remove popen code from libc and put popen.o in
HIDDEN_SYSCALLS in Makefile of libc_r still I am getting errors while
building applications  not linking with libc_r .

Is there something I am missing ?? Kindly help  me  with the proper
way of doing it .


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