Masashi SAKURADA ah0k at na.rim.or.jp
Sat Jul 2 16:22:09 GMT 2005

Hello, Gayn,

From: "Gayn Winters" <gayn.winters at mail.bristolsystems.com>
Subject: ICH6R RAID
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 19:01:31 -0700

> I even tried building the mirror then disabling one drive using the
> firmware setup. The firmware says then to have the OS rebuild the
> mirror. OK,... The OS then boots fine to ad4 and can see ad6.  I can dd
> if=/dev/ad4 of=/dev/ad6 successfully, but I cannot get atacontrol to
> rebuild the mirror.  Maybe this approach will work, and I'm doing
> something wrong...

I dont know if this is right way. Why don't you try
atacontrol(8). Install minimal stuff to ad4, then try atacontrol
create RAID1 0 /dev/ad4 /dev/ad6. Reboot by install CD, You can see
ar0 and choose it to install what you want.

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