Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at des.no
Sat Jul 2 14:25:17 GMT 2005

"Gayn Winters" <gayn.winters at mail.bristolsystems.com> writes:
> Thus to get ICH6R supported on 5.4 I need to load 5.4R onto one drive,
> apply the mk3 patch, recompile, reboot, build a release bootable CD,
> shutdown, reset the hardware to RAID1, and reload from the new CD.  This
> ought to work like it does using 6.0-CURRENT-SNAP004 (which I am now
> happy with).  The suggestion below to avoid sysinstall and craft the
> array by hand doesn't seem to use the hardware RAID1 supported by ICH6R.

I don't quite follow that.

> 1.  How exactly do I know when a patch (mk3 in this case) is in a
> release?

by tracking release notes and / or commit logs

> 2.  If the above strategy makes sense, how can I get the latest mk3 for
> 5.4?

you can't.

> 3.  If I'm missing something, e.g. around sysinstall, what am I missing?
> (Sakurada-san suggested using atacontrol create..   to build ar0 with a
> degraded array (that I got to work), but if the above strategy works, I
> think this won't be necessary, unless again I'm missing something!

just configure the array in BIOS before installing.

> 4.  I'm leaning towards just using software RAID (gmirror) for this
> system, which must be a production system when it is up. Both 5.4 and
> 6.0 look hopeless for different reasons. Thoughts on this?

I don't understand what you mean by hopeless.

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