IPC nsswitch implementation

Michael Bushkov bushman at rsu.ru
Fri Mar 5 11:41:46 PST 2004

> The Mac OS X lookupd does aggressive caching with cache invalidation
> support, supports the notion of flushing the cache on certain events
> (like when you reconfigure your network interfaces or switch
> authentication plugins), and quite a few other things.  No surprise,
> really, given that it's been around for years.
> Julian was asking where to find it, and for those who get lost
> navigating Apple's darwin site, there's also opendarwin's cvsweb
> interface.  Darwin's "nsswitch" implementation lives in Libinfo, of
> which lookupd is a sub-project:
>       http://cvs.opendarwin.org/index.cgi/src/Libinfo/
> - Jordan

The problem of using Darwin's lookupd was discussed some time ago in the
freebsd-arch mailing list. It seems to me that the way to port Darwin's
lookupd on FreeBSD was not found, was it?

Our implementation of lookupd is a demonstration
of the approach for the FreeBSD-specific IPC implementation
of nsswitch. Its architecture is
flexible enough to implement all the features you have mentioned.
The version that we have sent isn't a finished project. It's in the
development stage and caching is currently our main task. We hope to make
caching in the nearest future.
We'll try to release stable and quite full version (i mean caching, LDAP
module and so on) as soon as we can.

Our questions are:
1) What do you think about our whole approach to the IPC implementation
2) Is there an opportunity to use our implementation of lookupd in the
FreeBSD project?

We'll be glad to hear your opinion.

Michael Bushkov,
Software Engineer,
Rostov State University

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