MATE 'base' desktop is ready for anyone to test it.

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Fri Jul 27 19:44:05 UTC 2012

On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 1:09 PM, Jeremy Messenger
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> Hello all,
> The MATE base desktop (x11/mate-base) is ready to use and test. The
> MATE base is a very lite and lean desktop.

A bit of FAQ:

Q: There is problem with pkg-plist.
A: Yes, I know about that. The reason why I leave complete @dirrm in
the pkg-plist, so that way I can comparing what's the most common
@dirrm for I can create matehier (like gnomehier).

Q: When will MATE ports merge into FreeBSD ports tree.
A: Even thought if I finished everything with MATE. It won't be merged
into FreeBSD ports tree unless I get more people to help me with the
MATE project. Right now, I am only a person that work on MATE. I
prefer to be least three people.

Q: If there is problem, where do I report to? Send a PR?
A: Please no PR. I hate GNATS, but we should use it when MATE merges
into FreeBSD ports tree though. For now, just send me an email or
gnome at

Q: Does MATE conflicts with GNOME 2/3?
A: No, it's complete parallel even in the ~/.* too.

Q: Why you won't check on GDM?
A: Because it's a GNOME applications and I do not want to install any
extra dependency. :-) But if MATE folks fork the GDM and yes I will
work on it.

Q: Is it easy to use MATE with GDM?
A: I think it should be easy as MATE does provide session files. I
think GDM will pick up that session and add in the list for which
desktop you want to log in.

Q: Does the works for MATE?
A: Yes, most of them. Same goes for HAL:


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