gnome-session3, gconf2 changes that worked for me PowerPC

Koop Mast kwm at
Mon Mar 28 06:25:12 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-03-27 at 23:46 -0400, Super Bisquit wrote:
> I changed gtk20 to gtk30 in gconf2. 

You can't do that. The application needs to be (re)written for the new
gtk version. There not drop in replacements. If something in the gtk20
doesn't work on ppc it will need to be fixed.

> I'm going to edit out brasero- for reason of gstreamer- from the main
> gnome3 build.

It is fine if you skip certain ports so you can continue to test. Just
keep a list of failing ports and why. Now I wonder where I can get my
hands on access to a ppc box so I can see if I can come up with fixes


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