Gnome3 on powerpc, KDE4 on powerpc

Super Bisquit superbisquit at
Fri Mar 25 14:46:47 UTC 2011

I'm going to hose /usr/local and /usr.

There seems to be a lot of dependency conflicts with kde4 and gnome3.
Installing gnome3 first may solve the problem. KDE4 is still dependent
upon gnome2 portions, older gstreamer, and gnomelibs from gnome2.

Even trying to remove videoscale from the totem3/work/totem*/configure
file brings up:
1) Libraries and dependencies are not up to date.
2) Gnome-common is needed but gnome3 has gnomecommon.
3) Videoscale should be in st-plugins-base but there is
gstreamer-plugins, gstreamer-plugins-core, and
4) I will need to cvs ports, redownload the marcus ports, remove any
port from /usr/ports/$SECTION which conflicts marcusports, cp -R
marcusports to /usr/ports, and then build.
5) I can only use twm to build.

My apologies for the endless threads. I was trying to find a solution.
It didn't help to add LIBS= "$L{LOCALBASE}/libs/gstreamer-0.10" to Makefile.
It didn't help using make configure --disable-videoscale.
It didn't help adding LIB and CONFIGDEPENDS=
/usr/local/lib/gstreamer-0.10/ to Makefile.

I use both desktop environments depending on what task I need and want to do.

Whatever dependencies that each has in common needs to be updated to
the most recent. If gnome3 has the most recent, then use those. If
kde4 has the most recent, use those.

I am very glad and thankful that I am allowed to work with and on both
teams and would like to remain doing so.

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