pulseaudio: module.c: module-detect is deprecated: Please use module-udev-detect instead of module-detect!

Andriy Gapon avg at freebsd.org
Wed Mar 2 16:34:34 UTC 2011

on 02/03/2011 18:00 Koop Mast said the following:
> I was planning on submitted some of our pulse patchs upstream. I will
> also submit this one as part of that.

Thanks a lot!

And, Maarten, please accept my apologies for my speculations about alleged
pulseaudio developers linux-o-centrism.  I hope you took it light-heartedly.

I also would like to hijack this thread a little bit - does anybody have
functional microphone recording via pulseaudio on FreeBSD (using the oss module)?

Andriy Gapon

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