CALL FOR TEST: Updates to pixmap, cairo, poppler, and firefox 3.0!

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at
Wed Jun 18 05:25:19 UTC 2008

Hello folks,

First all, ahze did most of work. Thanks ahze! Yesterday, I am just merely  
pick up and help him. Right now, he is pretty busy with move to different  
state but he is still with this project when he can. It might be a bit  
long email as I am going to list each ports in subject and TODO tasks.  
Please add my email and gnome@ in CC, no matter what, that way my team and  
I can follow up better and quicker. Thanks!

x11/pixman: Update to 0.10.0
Firefox 3 needs it. Orignal, the shared library was bumped and ahze has  
added a new feature in our USE_GNOME=ltverhack by can control the number  
of shared library. To control the number of shared library, add the  
ltverhack:N. Right now pixman has USE_GNOME=ltverhack:9 to make it stays  
same at If anyone want to use ltverhack:N in one of your  
port, you need to make sure the ABI doesn't change to use it. We will need  
more users to test to make sure it doesn't break any function in other  
ports that depend on pixman. I am running on it without change anything  
and it works great.

graphics/cairo: Update to 1.6.4
Firefox 3 needs it. We have updated most cairo binding ports too. Let us  
know if we have missed some or cairo breaks your desktop/application.

graphics/poppler: Update to 0.8.3
The shared library version has been changed. All ports that depend on  
poppler will have to be bump. We still need to bring more ports in MC  
ports-stable to test it. We don't have it all at the moment, but we will.  
The poppler-qt and poppler-qt4 still need to be work on. I don't have  
QT3/QT4 install right now, so it would be nice if one of you can help me.  
I will installing QT3/QT4 anyway, btw. KDE maintainers, please help to  
test on koffice-kde3 and kdegraphics3 when poppler-qt* are done as I don't  
know much about KDE.

www/firefox3: Update to 3.0 final
The has been moved from www/mozilla/ to Mk/. You no longer  
need to include by manual. We still keep it  
in backward compatibility, so the rest ports won't be break. We haven't  
add some other ports to have Firefox 3 support yet, so if you want to add  
in your ports early then feel free to send me patch(es) and I shall add in  
MC ports-stable.

TODO tasks:
- Bring more ports that depend on poppler in ports-stable.
- Need to update the document for (USE_GECKO).
- Fix plist in firefox-devel, I hope to get it fix by
   tomorrow or so in this week.
- Add firefox3 in some ports' USE_GECKO if these support,
   but it's safe to wait either. (no hurry)
- Test and test.
- Maybe more if there is any

How to use MC ports-stable and upgrade?
You can grab marcusmerge[1] and run 'marcusmerge -m ports-stable'. If you  
want to update your ports tree, you have to run cvsup, csup, portsnap or  
different method first then marcusmerge second at the everytime. If you  
want to unmerge your ports tree, you can run 'marcusmerge -U' and be sure  
to update your ports tree to bring ports back. Be sure to read in  
marcusmerge manpage[2] for more info.

To upgrade your installed ports, you can just simple 'portmaster -a' or  
'portupgrade -a'. While we don't have most ports that depend on poppler  
get bump yet, so be expect to get a bit problem in runtime at the moment.  
But it is easy to fix by rebuild/reinstall port. To downgrade, well you  
have to do it by manual.

As for the MC ports (GNOME development) users, I have moved these ports  
 from ports module to ports-stable module. You will need to run  
'marcusmerge -U' first then update ports tree then MC ports-stable then at  
last MC ports.


With all of these changes, I want this to be tested in the pointyhat-exp  
first before merges into FreeBSD ports tree. The more help we get will get  
faster pointyhat-exp test and merge into FreeBSD ports tree. ;-)


mezz7 at  -  mezz at
FreeBSD GNOME Team  -  gnome at

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