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> hello,
> I am using FreeBSD 7.0, Gnome 2.22, and wine 0.9.60
> I installed Adobe Photoshop CS (8) straight from my install CD, and it
> works almost perfect
> other than libgphoto2 gets in the way and photoshop will not start. I
> fixed it by
> cd /usr/ports/graphics/libgphoto2/ && make deinstall && make clean
> then Adobe Photoshop starts perfectly (portupgrade -ar breaks adobe  
> again)

I have checked in Wine's configure. The Wine has optional to depend on  
libgphoto2 if you want to. You should talk with Wine maintainer to see if  
he can figure what's up with Wine vs libgphoto2. Try to add  
--without-gphoto in wine/Makefile's CONFIGURE_ARGS. It might help and be  
sure to let Wine maintainer knows about it.

> now my real problem is, when I hold down my left ALT key and move my
> mouse to use some of adobe Photoshop tools
> gnome thinks I want to move my window. how do I get gnome to ignore
> the left alt key + a mouse move?

At first, I looked at System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts and it's  
not there. Decided to look around a bit more and found it. It's in System  
-> Preferences -> Windows and you should see an option called 'Movement  
Key' to select Control, Alt or Super. You can try to select either Control  
or Super (Windows logo) to see if it helps.


> Thank you for your help
> Sam Fourman Jr.

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