Gnome Key Bindings

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at
Tue Apr 29 22:28:23 UTC 2008


I am using FreeBSD 7.0, Gnome 2.22, and wine 0.9.60
I installed Adobe Photoshop CS (8) straight from my install CD, and it
works almost perfect
other than libgphoto2 gets in the way and photoshop will not start. I
fixed it by

cd /usr/ports/graphics/libgphoto2/ && make deinstall && make clean

then Adobe Photoshop starts perfectly (portupgrade -ar breaks adobe again)

now my real problem is, when I hold down my left ALT key and move my
mouse to use some of adobe Photoshop tools
gnome thinks I want to move my window. how do I get gnome to ignore
the left alt key + a mouse move?

Thank you for your help

Sam Fourman Jr.

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