Update to net/gnome-netstatus to support new wlan system in -CURRENT

Sam Leffler sam at freebsd.org
Wed Apr 23 17:59:01 UTC 2008

Coleman Kane wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 13:18 -0400, Coleman Kane wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I put together some changes to the net/gnome-netstatus applet to allow
>> it to detect and work with the new wlan interface system that was just
>> introduced in CURRENT.
>> This new code doesn't identify non-wlanN interfaces as wifi anymore.
>> I think it may need some help in getting signal-strength detection
>> properly using the if_ndis driver. Mine keeps telling me that the signal
>> strength is always 100% no matter where I walk in my apt.
> Yes, I do mean to actually attach the patch too.
As I told you previously keying off the ifnet name is a mistake.  What 
you can do is check the media status and for any 802.3 interface look 
for a backpointer in the MIB to a parent device that must be marked as 
an 802.11 device.  Right now this can be defeated if ifnet is renamed 
such that you cannot identify the wlanX unity # to find the MIB entry 
under net.wlan.X.%parent.

Separately you appear to have added "an", "rum", and "ray".  I'm not 
sure what this code does but again using ifnet names is a mistake.  In 
7.x you can do a similar search of the net.wlan.X MIB space using the 
%parent backpointer to identify an 802.11 device.  wlandebug.c has crude 
code you can crib (for 7.x).

I don't recall if 6.x has the backpointer in the MIB namespace to use.


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