Can someone review this? [Fwd: Re: ports/122975: [PATCH] Fix for mail/thunderbird SIGFPE crash on FreeBSD/amd64]

Xin LI delphij at
Tue Apr 22 17:26:58 UTC 2008

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Jeremy Messenger wrote:
| On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 02:19:57 -0500, Xin LI <delphij at> wrote:
|> Javascript... That remind me a PR that I have closed a few days ago,
|> because he has failed to provide the details by follow in our bug report
|> page. A lot of others (amd64 users) can't reproduce his problem.
|> (it asked for backtraces
|> too)
|> The PR is ports/121951:

I'm not sure but this does not seem like the same problem I hit (or
Firefox would handle FPE with some other ways?  Dunno...)  Maybe
different problem.  Unfortunately I can not reproduce the problem he has
mentioned (Google Maps shows map), so I am not sure if this is a fixed
problem or not..

|> It made me wondering that it's possible that it has to do same thing in
|> here? Some of us don't have amd64, which I think it's about two people
|> that have amd64 (marcus and pav) in team. I personal think it's safe to
|> put in all other gecko ports the same change since most of gecko ports
|> have same patches. I can edit these ports if it's ok with you guys.

I guess so as long as they are shared code and the exact purpose of the
fpsetmask() call is to workaround our floating point handling difference
with Linux.

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