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Mon Apr 21 11:07:04 UTC 2008

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
a ports/117724 gnome      Recently updated x11/gdm port ignores $LANG setting in
f ports/121263 gnome      www/firefox: Firefox coredumps under FreeBSD 6.3 in Pr
o ports/121462 gnome      building print/ghostscript-gpl fails with WITH_FT_BRID

3 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/103529 gnome      www/seamonkey: enable SVG and Pango font rendering sup
o ports/116236 gnome      [patch] Shoot yourself in the foot fix for www/firefox
o ports/119050 gnome      audio/gnome-media 2.20.1 gnome-cd player widgets look 
f ports/121472 gnome      Loading perl scripts causes irc/xchat segmentation fau
o ports/121670 gnome      [PATCH] Update converters/libiconv to 1.12
s ports/122443 gnome      [PATCH] net/avahi-app: use correct rc script suffix

6 problems total.

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