Firefox 3.0b5 (for those of you who don't want to wait)

Michael Johnson ahze at
Sat Apr 19 18:39:38 UTC 2008

We have put together a small striped down version of marcuscom ports ( that contains the
ever so wanted Firefox 3.0b5 and a few updated ports needed for Firefox

-> Update www/firefox-devel to 3.0b5
-> Merge www/mozilla/Makefile.common and www/mozilla/ into
-> Extend USE_GNOME=ltverhack to support defined lib versions
   ie: USE_GNOME=ltverhack:9 will install libs as
-> Update x11/pixman to 0.10.0
--> Update graphics/cairo to 1.6.4
---> Update graphics/p5-Cairo to 1.053
---> Update graphics/cairomm to 1.6.0
----> Update graphics/poppler[-gtk|-qt|-qt4] to 0.8.0
-----> Chase graphics/poppler in graphics/gimp-app,
       graphics/evince, sysutils/tracker-client

== From README.txt ==
Firefox 3.0b5 portkit for FreeBSD.

- Run 'sh' (in the current directory)
- portupgrade -a or portmaster -a
- cd /usr/ports/www/firefox-devel && make install

Run 'sh' (in the current directory)


Please contact gnome at
and please do NOT file a bug report.
== End ==

Download :

MD5 (firefox30kit.tar.bz2) = 7fbcae1884cfe69126b21c5f5b20bda4

Michael on behalf on the FreeBSD GNOME Team

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