Print Preview with Gnumeric and Evince

Mark Kane mark at
Sat Apr 19 00:13:18 UTC 2008


I've noticed that Gnumeric cannot Print Preview on my system because
the default preview application (Evince) is not installed:

Failed to execute child process "evince" (No such file or directory)

I use Xfce and didn't have Evince installed by myself or any other port
before noticing this problem, and Gnumeric itself does not have a
dependency on Evince.

For now I have added a RUN_DEPENDS for Evince in the Gnumeric Makefile
on my machine and it is working properly, but if Evince is suggested to
be the default viewer for GNOME as I've read on a few sites then what's
the best way to handle this? Should it be added as a dependency on a
per-port basis? Should it be made available through USE_GNOME or
another wider method for other ports that print preview this way?

Thanks in advance,


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