CURRENT, devbuf memory allocation and hald

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Thu Apr 17 18:33:41 UTC 2008

Pascal Hofstee wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:04:33 -0400
> Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus at> wrote:
>>>> hald itself is probably not triggering this.  You might try
>>>> killing of the various addons, and see if you can rule out a
>>>> particular addon, or a particular device.
>> The easiest way is just to kill them.
> I just got home and took the time to check which of the hal-addons was
> responsible for triggering the steady increase of devbuf usage and i
> found that the increase stopped as soon as i killed the
> hald-addon-storage process for /dev/acd0.
> /dev/acd0 is an LG CD/DVD-RW Burner in case that matters.
> Any further suggestions in trying to find a fix are welcomed.

This could be related to the recent ATA changes in -CURRENT.  Typically, 
we poll /dev/cd0 using ATAPICAM.  You might try removing any fdi files 
you've created to use the ATAPI device rather than the ATAPICAM device 
to see if it helps.

On each pass of the poller, we send a TUR command to the device.  If the 
command returns that the device is ready, we say it has media.  The code 
for this can be found in libprobe/hfp-cdrom.c.


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