Please Help: Cannot Change settings from the GUI

Peter Mosedal Laursen dmu615 at
Thu Apr 17 05:07:05 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,
I have just installed Gnome 2.22 on my FreeBSD 7.0 computer, however, I am unable to change any settings from the GUI.
It seems that all the settings are greyed out; even the unlock button is greyed out, meaning that I cannot press the button to gain the necessary authorization.
I have logged into gnome using a user that has been added to the "wheel" group, so that I can su into root. However, if I launch, for example, network-admin while I have sued into rooot, I am still unable to change the interface settings.
Can anyone explain me what gives and provide me with some info on what configuration file(s) to edit?
I have not modified any of the original configuration files.
I look forward to any responses.
Best regards,
P.S.: I should probably add that this is general for all the settings I have seen - I cannot add any users, grant/revoke any authorizations from "Preferences->Authorizations" or any other thing.

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