lzma (Re: HEADS UP: upgrading ImageMagick to 6.4.0-6)

Mikhail Teterin mi+mill at aldan.algebra.com
Wed Apr 16 01:51:10 UTC 2008

вівторок 15 квітень 2008 07:30 по, Pav Lucistnik Ви написали:
> What the hell is LZMA and why we want it instead of .tar.gz / .tar.bz2 ?

Calm down, Pav. Then -- visit archivers/lzma to read more on this archiver. 
Then -- open one of the MASTER_SITES and examine the difference in size 
between .tar.bz2 and .tar.lzma:


The reduction (30%) in traffic for hundreds of mirrors, combined with the 
reduced space-use on millions of /usr/ports/distfiles and CD-ROMS is 
certainly worth it...

I wish, more vendors were aware of this new archiver...

> Please revert that.

I'll take that under advisement. Am I to assume, you have no /other/ issues 
with the patch? Thanks!



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