compatibility with installed ports (Re: what is gio-fam?)

Mikhail Teterin mi+mill at
Tue Apr 15 15:15:11 UTC 2008

вівторок 15 квітень 2008 10:43 до, Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez Ви написали:
> > Going forward, one hopes, gnome-team will not be so cavalier in forcing
> > upgrades...
> How about working with the gnome-team instead of blaming them?  I'd bet
> that if you had to upgrade Gnome by hand, you would be using KDE or
> something else.

Yes, yes. We have to come to this point, don't we? After several attempts are 
made at defending a blunder, an indignant request is made for the complaining 
party to help the culprit (even if an /explicit/ aknowledgement of the 
blunder is yet to appear)...

Gnome@ is a team. They are not lacking in resources, AFAIK. The author of 
tinderbox is a prominent member, for crying out loud! The problem is the 
"philosophy". I readily admit, that their work is vast, but the "all your 
ports are belong to us" and the "portupgrade is easy, so shut up" attitude is 
not something, that "working with the gnome-team" can help with...

Meanwhile, judging from what can be gathered from their mailing lists, the 
KDE@ team is working hard to ensure peaceful co-existence of KDE3 and KDE4 

> Shouting at gnome-team won't help at all.

Pointing out a problem sometimes helps prevent it from reoccuring or, at 
least, reduce the frequency/severety of the reoccurance(s). Sometimes it also 
helps fix the current instance...


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