what is gio-fam?

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at wait4.org
Tue Apr 15 13:14:06 UTC 2008

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:43:22 -0400
Mikhail Teterin <mi+mill at aldan.algebra.com> wrote:

> No, thanks. I want the most recent version /of the port/. And the port itself 
> does not care, which version of GNOME it is built against -- it is happy, 
> with /what I already have/ (earlier GNOME). Yet, I'm forced to upgrade, what 
> I already have -- gratuicously...

Not quite.  I also faced this, but was lucky to discover in time (not closing any open app) where this dependency was coming from.  The only port I had to update was glib, a couple of times, and gio-fam was finally built.

This was instinctive, but worked.

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