Cannot auto-mount digital camera

Lachlan Michael lachlan at
Fri Apr 11 00:12:27 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-04-10 at 18:49 +0200, Andreas Wetzel wrote:
> Lachlan Michael wrote:
> > As an aside, the two windows  (FAT) partions are mounted successfully
> > (but they are listed in /etc/fstab)  but neither do icons appear on the
> > desktop as they used to. Instead, you have to look under "Filesystem"
> > where they appear as ordinary directories. Perhaps this is intended.
> Try not listing them in /etc/fstab. 

In that case I get a similar result to the digital camera (it is the
Sony DSC in the lshal, by the way).

In other words, icons appear under the "Computer" but none of them are
actually mounted. It seems as though the drives/cameras are being
detected alright but just mounted correctly.
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