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johnson mark johnsonmark14 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 15:42:22 UTC 2008

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Titre : Transfer Awaiting From City National Bank 
Heure : mer. 9 avr. 16:30 - 17:30 (Fuseau horaire : Hawaï)
Agenda : 
Description : Transfer Awaiting From City National Bank 

Dear Beneficary ,

The Afro-Euro Stock Funds Commission (A.S.F.C.) was setup by the  African Union in conjunction with the European Union, The United States Government and the World Bank for the sole purpose of resolveing pending transfer .I am sorry I have not email you , this is due to we lost everything in the process of reformat our computer but fortunately my secretary found your email address for me .
In the light of  this , we have learned that an unauthorized account has been opened to receive your payment, So far these criminals have stolen approximately five hounded thousand from your entitlement valid.

However, I need you to email  City  National Bank on this email  richtransferoffice at yahoo.co.in   in case  you have not received your   password to enable you retransfer the funds to your choosing financial delivery selection as the price beneficiary, by presenting your telephone and currant contact address to enable then send you the  password which you will Present to the teller in any bank around youw and state that you have a transfer awaiting you from  City  National Bank . 

 You will receive the funds in $US 100 bills immediately a total sum of One Million Two Houndred Thousand dollars .If you do not take action immediately within the next couple of days, I will assume that you no longer interest to receive your funds and we shall repatriate your funds for confiscation without further recourse to you. 

My regards ,

MR. Johnson Mark


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