ATI driver for Radeon 7500 broken?

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at
Sun Apr 6 16:17:24 UTC 2008

On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 02:29:05 -0500, Gobbledegeek <gobbledegeek at>  

> My monitor goes into suspend mode with the ati driver of xorg, and I
> cannot switch terminals back to text console - th only option is a
> hard reboot. In fact I recall it was broken in fbsd 6.2 also.
> Vesa driver works ok.
> Is something broken about the ATI and 7500 in Xorg?
> This is fbsd 7.0 with Xorg 1.4.0.

Try to report to freebsd-x11 at , they might know or not.


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