darklooks theme issue

Harald Servat redcrash at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 21:15:28 UTC 2008


  I've installed gnome-themes-extras-2.22.0 after installing
gnome-lite-2.22.0 on my FreeBSD 7.0.

  If I go to System>Preferences>Appearence and I choose Darklooks the wm
changes to a dark theme (but the window title that is kept in blue :S) as
everybody could expect.
  However, if I reinit the X session, however, the Darklooks theme is gone
and a very basic theme appears instead of the chosen one ( Idon't know which
theme is that, but it reminds me one of M$ redmond).

  Does this happen to anybody else? Where can I look at to check this

Thank you!
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