about gnome-keyring-daemon

Harald Servat redcrash at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 12:58:23 UTC 2008


  I installed gnome2-lite yesterday (2.22) from the ports and I'm receiving
the following error from the gnome-keyring-daemon.

Apr  1 09:16:48 BSCIT03 gnome-keyring-daemon[1067]: couldn't allocate secure
memory to keep passwords and or keys from being written to the disk

 Does anyone have any clue to solve this? I've googled around but I didn't
find anything remarkable.

Empty your memory,
with a free()...
like a pointer!

If you cast a pointer to an integer,
it becomes an integer,
if you cast a pointer to a struct,
it becomes a struct.

The pointer can crash...,
and can overflow.

Be a pointer my friend...

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