hal vs. fat32 formatted dvd-ram

Andriy Gapon avg at icyb.net.ua
Tue Apr 1 00:43:51 PDT 2008

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> Does this work for you?  That is, if the check above is changed to:
> if (has_data && vid && (! strcmp(vid->type, "iso9660") || !
> strcmp(vid->type, "udf")))
> Do you get your FAT volume properly probed as well as existing ISO CDs
> and UDF DVDs?

Yes! I tried precisely this line with hal-0.5.11.r2_4. I used DVD-RAM
with FAT32, CD-RW with ISO9660 and DVD-R with UDF for testing, all 3
worked perfectly - konqueror showed correct information about the disks,
mounting and unmounting was flawless.

Thank you!

Andriy Gapon

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