gnome 2.14 performance degradation (slow app startup)

Stephen Bartlett stephen at
Thu May 18 01:16:52 UTC 2006

Thus spake Michael Tran on Thu, May 18, 2006 at 09:42:52AM +1000:
> >
> >create a script whose lines have the form:
> >
> Hi, do you have an example script that you are able to send to me?
> I'm not so great on my advanced scripting!
> Thanks,
> Michael

Well, I did it by hand before, but I just came up with the equivalent

locate index.theme | grep -v disabled | grep -v | \
  sed -e "s/^\(.*\)index.theme$/gtk-update-icon-cache --force \1/"

That spits out the content of a script that will do the work.  Save the
output in a file, use 'chmod +x <file>', and run it.

- Stephen
Stephen Bartlett
President, Bartlett Software, Inc.
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