audio cd play

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Fri May 12 13:49:02 UTC 2006


In my gnome applications menu (2.14) I have two 'CD player'
items under 'Sound and Video' ... I think one of these comes
from goobox (grey CD icon) and the other (red CD icon) I
guess comes from stock gnome.

i) how do I change their names so I can know which one I
click? (OK, now I can distinguish them by the color of their
icons but I had to do some digging ...)

ii) both CD players are sensitive to other activity (mostly
CPU load, but also simple things like accessing menus or
working with windows). Right now I¯m building ports in the
background and CD playing goes along fine, but if I start to
open a couple of nautilus windows, or scrolling a long page
in firefox, I can hear some glitches and pauses (sometimes
even moving the mouse from one window to another, thus
causing to switch focus, makes cd playing glitch).

I have the audio output of my CD reader directly connected
to my sound card (besides the mandatory IDE cable) ... so
why does the CPU and or desktop activity affect CD playing
at all? This is something that my old Macintosh still does
well ... it takes about half a minute to open Adobe
Illustrator (and Mac OS 9 is not a multitasking OS, so I
cannot use another app or do anything else while I wait) and
still CD playing goes along like when the CPU is idle.

Is this a gnome issue or a more general FreeBSD issue?


PS: FreeBSD-6.1, gnome-2.14 running on a pIII 600MHz, 768MB RAM

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