Open issues with gnome 2.14 on 6.1-RC for amd64

Sean McNeil sean at
Mon May 8 18:34:50 UTC 2006

I have the following problems that have not been resolved yet:

gnome-screensaver fails to lock.  This is because --disable-pam is
specified in the Makefile.  The solution is to remove this configuration

liferea-bin core dumps.  This happens with gtkhtml and mozilla rendering
for me. It seems to most often crash in _gdk_x11_convert_to_format()
with a src_buf = null.

gaim conversations (specifically with this one person, but not others)
will not show anything but the first word typed by the other person.
Moving off and on screen, highlighting with mouse, or just left clicking
once or twice on a particular line will cause the rest of the text to be

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