Firefox too? (Was Re: weird problem with gaim)

Eugene M. Kim ab at
Mon May 8 03:21:04 UTC 2006

Not that I know how to fix it, but this is surprisingly similar to a
problem I have been seeing on Firefox when it renders certain webpages.
Does the "hidden text" show up when you drag and select it by mouse?

FWIW, is one such webpage; the problem only
exhibits itself if the CJK Windows fonts are installed and set as the
default font for respective languages, specifically
/(Batang|Dotum|Gungsuh|Gulim)(Che)?/ as Korean.


Sean McNeil wrote:
> This is so odd...
> I have no problems with yahoo messages, but when a friend sends me
> messages from AIM, I only see the first word.  If I move the window off
> screen and back on slowly, then the words show up.  If I type something
> in that shows on the next line below text from my friend, then the text
> disappears again with just the first word.  I think it might have to do
> with the font used by my friend.
> Has anyone else experienced any difficulties at all with gaim and
> messages that only show the first word?
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