GNOME Upgrade Error Compiling gnutils-1.2.10

Robert H. Perry rperry at
Sun May 7 23:28:14 UTC 2006

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On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 20:59 -0400, Bob Perry wrote:
> Hello,
> Came across the following error upgrading GNOME:
>   ../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to '_asn1_find_node'
>   ../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to 
>                       '_asn1_get_length_der'
> This occurred while upgrading gnutils halfway through the process. 
> Didn't see anything posted in Google.  Pls advise.

I believe this was fixed, but if not, you need to report it to novel who
did the libtasn1 update.

Thanks Joe for your response.  If I understand, gnutls is probably not the
culprit.  I did deinstall and tried to recompile it with no success
yesterday.  Looks like I only need to deinstall/reinstall libtasn1.

Thanks again.

This is just a brief follow-up.  I just found a recent upgrade for libtasn1.
It is version 3.3 of May 7 vs my version 3.1 of Mar 8.  Assuming this, or
another version is the required file to solve my issue, how does this effect
the GNOME upgrade process given that I'm half-way through?  Do I start from
the beginning per UPDATING or simply start with portupgrade -a after I cvsup
my system to update the ports tree?


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