Evolution icons missing after latest "portupgrade -a"

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at marcuscom.com
Sun May 7 18:09:32 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-05-07 at 11:05 +0200, Andreas Rudisch wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 13:38 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > Then you need to install gnomecontrolcenter2, and run
> > gnome-settings-daemon before starting Evolution.
> > 
> > Joe
> OK, I installed gnomecontrolcenter2, which added a bunch of other gnome
> libraries and applications (like nautilus) that I did not need/want
> before. After starting /usr/X11R6/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon some
> font sizes were altered and Evolution was able to show the correct icons
> again.
> Do I really have to run a daemon now in background _all_ time, just to
> display the icons? I mean, it was working without one with Evolution

Yes.  Evolution is using the icon theme system now, and requires g-s-d
to provide that data.


> Andreas
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