gnome-screensaver configures with --disable-pam

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Thu May 4 16:52:39 UTC 2006

On Thu, 4 May 2006, Sean McNeil wrote:

> Why???
> I remember this was discussed about xscreensaver at one time and was
> fixed.  Is there any reason at all why --disable-pam has been set in the
> configure for x11/gnome-screensaver?  I took this offensive setting out
> and I can once more lock my screen.  Naturally, with it in I get errors
> and it fails to lock because I happen to use PAM with LDAP to get
> usernames and passwords. Not good.

It was basically adapted from xscreensaver-gnome to give equivalent 
default behavior.  The first few releases of g-s didn't do well with PAM 
anyway.  I haven't tested it recently, but if you know it works, please 
provide a patch, and the PAM support will be re-done.

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