gnome 2.14 issues

eoghan freebsd at
Wed May 3 19:49:32 UTC 2006

eoghan wrote:
> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Quoting eoghan <freebsd at> (from Tue, 02 May 2006 21:56:30 
>> +0100):
>>> Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
>>>> eoghan wrote:
>>>>> First off, my problem with Desktop -> Administration persists.
>>>>> That is, when i try to open anything in here it prompts for a root
>>>>> password which it will not accept, message is:
>>>>> "The entered password is invalid, Check that you typed it correctly 
>>>>> and
>>>>> that you haven't activated the caps lock key"
>>>>> I am really stuck on this one, was happening to me in 2.12 and I 
>>>>> waited
>>>>> for 2.14. I asked before and no one else seems to be having this 
>>>>> issue.
>>>>> If anyone can give me any clues I would appreciate it.
>>>> Works for me on 6-STABLE and -CURRENT.  I haven't had any problems with
>>>> these tools since I fixed the pipe problems a few months ago.
>>> Thanks. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?
>> Just to be sure: this user is in group "wheel" ("su -" on the command 
>> line works)?
>> Bye,
>> Alexander.
> Hi
> Yes, the user is in this group. I can use from terminal and su fine. If 
> I try launch any admin services from terminal i get no prompt to enter 
> just the message... will check.
> Thanks
> Eoghan

Just to update:
added gdm_enable to rc.conf and created new account.
New login (and new login window) working. Screensaver working.

Desktop -> Admin -> Login Window: still getting could not launch menu 
item error. Although someone suggested this needs to be run as root. 
This means i should be prompted for my root password?

Other Admin options, still prompted for root password, but still saying 
i have entered a wrong password. weird thing is, networking works. I can 
open this, use my root password and it works. Very strange why it would 
work for one application and none of the rest...

One thing i should mention... I have a user account with the same 
password as my root account. I know this isnt a good idea, but i was 
wondering if maybe this might be having some effect???

Anyway, all in all, this is excellent and thanks very much to you guys 
for helping me out. Im really liking the new updates to gnome.


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