Observations on Gnome-2.14

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Mon May 1 16:37:29 UTC 2006

On Mon, 01 May 2006 11:24:34 -0500, Kevin Oberman <oberman at es.net> wrote:

> I have one system running V6-stable that is now running Gnome-2.14. Some
> things are really nice about it, but there are some oddities and some
> things that need touching.
> First, an easy one...netspeed_applet needs to be rebuilt. I think a bump
> of PORTREVISION is in order.
> When I first started 2.14, I got messages that several icons
> (gnome-calculator, logout, screen-lock) could not be found and were
> displayed as white icons with a red 'X'. But after acknowledging the
> message, all of the icons appeared and work fine.
> This might be a race as I am running i386 on an AMD dual-core 4400+
> Athlon-64 processor and it may be getting something done before things
> are ready. This is also intermittent. It happens about half the time
> when I start Gnome. (I use startx, not gdm.)
> On several start operations the icons in the weather applet are
> missing. Other times they appear. Probably the same "can't find icon"
> issue.
> gnome-terminal has sometimes crashed on logout from Gnome. I have not
> tried to debug this at all. I do see that the contents of
> .gnome2/session no longer have information on all of the gnome-terminal
> windows. Just a simple command, so I guess gnome-terminal is storing
> this somewhere else. (I need to find out where to debug why at least one
> window never restarts.)
> Sessions are a bit messed up. As already reported, all manually
> startup-sessions are gone after the upgrade and must be re-entered. No
> longer is there an ordering option, but this might be settable via the
> "Current Session" tab. I'll paly around with it if I get a little time.
> The logout tool no longer has a check-box to save the session. I THINK I
> saved it by going into the "Sessions" prefs and selecting to
> automatically save the session on logout and logging out. I then logged
> back in and de-selected that option. There is still an option (which is
> selected) to "Ask on logout". It appears to be a no-op in 2.14, though.
> On several start operations the icons in the weather applet are
> missing. Other times they appear. Probably the same "can't find icon"
> issue.
> Noise level issue: we really need a FreeBSD splash. The default Gnome
> splash is just too boring looking.
> Problems I was having with calling ssh-add at session start are gone. I
> never reported this, but if I included ssh-add (with gnome-ssh-askpass)
> in the "Startup Programs" the startup would have for between 1 and 3
> minutes and sometimes the wnck-applet would go into a loop and eat one
> CPU. Killing wnck-applet would fix the problem as it automatically
> restarts. In any case, this issue looks like it is gone!
> Big win in performance. Not everything is faster, but many things are
> very noticeably faster. I'll have a better idea about this tomorrow when
> I have a slower system upgraded. My dual-core is new and things always
> seem to be fast, but I think I really like it.
> Thanks to the entire Gnome team for the work on this. It has thus far,
> been the least painful Gnome version upgrade I have ever had.

Try to login in a dummy user and see if you still have the same problems.  
My experience of upgrade, I had to clear a several of ~/.* to get GNOME  
2.14 and other apps stable. Mostly are from .gconf* stuff.


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