HEADS UP: GNOME 2.14 being merged into the tree

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Sun Apr 30 16:39:01 UTC 2006

On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 08:14:28 -0500, Andy Fawcett <andy at athame.co.uk> wrote:

> On Sunday 30 April 2006 01:21, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
>> At this late stage of the 5.5/6.1 release cycle, it was deemed that
>> none of the packages were going to be rebuilt, so we have been given
>> permission to merge GNOME 2.14 into the ports tree at this time.
>> The first step will be a merge of GStreamer 0.10.  When that is
>> complete, the tree will be locked for the GNOME 2.14 merge.  The good
>> news is that this latest update no longer comes with the shared
>> library change for GLib, GTK+, or any other low-level GNOME
>> component, so upgrading will be much easier.
> Hi,
> Some problems:
> 1. "portupgrade -a" updates gstreamer to 0.10, but not all the plugins
> seem to have 0.10 versions (gstreamer-plugins-artsd for one). Did this
> deserve a note in UPDATING?

Did you run 'pkgdb -Ff'? It should move from gst-plugins-artsd to  
gst-plugins-artsd80 for you, and the pkgdb should be show you a message of  
"Not part of gstreamer 0.10 yet" (from ports/MOVED). Therefore, I don't  
think it needs to be add in the UPDATING.

> 2. gstreamer-plugins-artsd80 has faulty patches, and fails.

Fixed, thanks for report! Missed to remove a patch when the merge went in.

> 3. howl has been deprecated to avahi, which conflicts with both howl and
> mDNSresponder. This means portupgrade -a now fails for me because I
> have mDNSresponder installed (for KDE I think) and also howl from an
> earlier gnome. Seems that howl and mDNSresponder never had CONFLICTS
> set, if I'm reading the Makefiles correctly. This CONFLICTS on
> mDNSresponder now causes upgrade to fail. Is avahi compatible with
> mDNSresponder, and if so does this mean we need yet another switch same
> as we had for gamin/fam earlier?

I don't know much about avahi, so I will let someone to answer it.

> Cheers,
> Andy

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