HEADS UP: GNOME 2.14 being merged into the tree

Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Sun Apr 30 13:14:31 UTC 2006

On Sunday 30 April 2006 01:21, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> At this late stage of the 5.5/6.1 release cycle, it was deemed that
> none of the packages were going to be rebuilt, so we have been given
> permission to merge GNOME 2.14 into the ports tree at this time.
> The first step will be a merge of GStreamer 0.10.  When that is
> complete, the tree will be locked for the GNOME 2.14 merge.  The good
> news is that this latest update no longer comes with the shared
> library change for GLib, GTK+, or any other low-level GNOME
> component, so upgrading will be much easier.


Some problems:

1. "portupgrade -a" updates gstreamer to 0.10, but not all the plugins 
seem to have 0.10 versions (gstreamer-plugins-artsd for one). Did this 
deserve a note in UPDATING?

2. gstreamer-plugins-artsd80 has faulty patches, and fails.

3. howl has been deprecated to avahi, which conflicts with both howl and 
mDNSresponder. This means portupgrade -a now fails for me because I 
have mDNSresponder installed (for KDE I think) and also howl from an 
earlier gnome. Seems that howl and mDNSresponder never had CONFLICTS 
set, if I'm reading the Makefiles correctly. This CONFLICTS on 
mDNSresponder now causes upgrade to fail. Is avahi compatible with 
mDNSresponder, and if so does this mean we need yet another switch same 
as we had for gamin/fam earlier?



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