Gnome Xscreensaver text: not found

Tim Brackbill ksu92me at
Fri Apr 28 03:22:48 UTC 2006

I gave up on the plain xscreensaver as I could never get it to start up when I logged in under my non-root user account.  Setting aside suggestions about how to get that to work, the gnome version of the xscreensaver & hacks works nearly perfectly.  The exceptions are those hacks that look up or use text in a file.  When they run, they only show "xscreensaver-text: not found".  What file do I look for to edit / add the string and what is the format for that string?  What amazes me is I have Googled for "xscreensaver-text: not found" and did not get one hit! I'm running FreeBSD 6 stable w/ gnome 2.12.

Oh, perhaps on a related note, I frequently end up with a popsquares.core dump file in my home directory; what's up with that?

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