FreeBSD ports that you maintain which are currently marked broken

linimon at linimon at
Tue Apr 18 06:50:46 UTC 2006

Dear FreeBSD port maintainer:

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the number of problems in the
FreeBSD ports system, we are attempting to notify maintainers of
ports that are marked as "broken" in their Makefiles.  In many cases
these ports are failing to compile on some subset of the FreeBSD
build environments.  The most common problem is that recent versions
of -CURRENT include gcc3.4, which is much stricter about such things
as function declarations, literal strings constants that continue
over several physical lines, and forcing the deprecation of antique
header files such as varargs.h (we should now be using stdargs.h).

The next most common problem is that compiles succeed on the i386
architecture (e.g. the common Intel PC), but fail on one or more of
the other architectures due to assumptions about things such as size
of various types, byte-alignment issues, and so forth.

In occasional cases we see that the same port may have different
errors in different build environments.  The script that runs on the
build cluster uses heuristics to try to 'guess' the error type to
help you isolate problems, but it is only a rough guide.

If you need help in one or more build environments that you do not
have access to, please ask for help on the freebsd-ports mailing

One more note: on occasion, there are transient build errors seen
on the build farm.  Unfortunately, there is not yet any way for this
algorithm to tell the difference (humans are much, much better at
this kind of thing.)

The errors are listed below.  In the case where the same
problem exists on more than one build environment, the URL points
to the latest errorlog for that type.  (By 'build environment'
here we mean 'combination of 4.x/5.x/6.x with target architecture'.)

(Note: the dates are included to help you to gauge whether or not
the error still applies to the latest version.  The program
that generates this report is not yet able to determine this

portname:           databases/mergeant
broken because:     does not build with new libgnomedb
build errors:       none.

portname:           multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-mpeg2enc
broken because:     Does not compile
build errors:       none.

If these errors are ones that you are already aware of, please
accept our apologies and ignore this message.  On the other hand, if
you no longer wish to maintain this port (or ports), please reply
with a message stating that, and accept our thanks for your efforts
in the past.

Every effort has been made to make sure that these error reports
really do correspond to a port that you maintain.  However, due to
the fact that this is an automated process, it may indeed generate
false matches.  If one of these errors fits that description,
please forward this email to the author of this software, Mark
Linimon <linimon at>, so that he can attempt to fix the
problem in the future.

Thanks for your efforts to help improve FreeBSD.

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