Problems after upgrade

James Riendeau jtriende at
Wed Apr 12 13:48:57 UTC 2006

I recently upgraded my system from 5.4 to 6.0 using buildworld, etc.   
That went very smoothly.  I then ran portupgrade , and that broke  
Gnome2.  The primary problem was the clock applet could not start.  I  
then ran to do the job properly.  It completed  
without error.  But Gnome is still exhibiting bizarre behavior:

The Gnome 2.12 splash screen will not disappear until you click on it.
Gnome has amnesia.  It will not remember it's settings.  For example,  
I set the background, logout, and startx again:  the background is  
Xorg's grey crisscross pattern.
Gnome will only allow me to selectively left-click.  For example, I  
can open a program, but I cannot click on any menu options.  I can  
open a Preference Pane, but I cannot click on Logout under Desktop.

I've tried deleting the gnome dot folders/files under my home  
folder.  That doesn't help, much.  It gives me the ability to click  
logout during the first session, but I then it doesn't work during  
subsequent sessions.  If any config or log files would help diagnosis  
this, let me know which you would like to see.  Any pointers would be  
very much appreciated.


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