Unexpected config problem--how to fix?

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum bg271828 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 18:17:52 UTC 2006

Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus at marcuscom.com> wrote:

You will need to rebuild gnomecontrolcenter2 with debugging symbols,
then get a gdb backtrace of this core file.  Somewhere, a NULL pointer
is being dereferenced.
Oy. im willing to do things to help the team but this is a bad week for
this! i need my computer.

i just force rebuilded a bunch of Gnome ports (panel, controlcenter,
session, Nautilus, etc.) and i still get the message about a messed
up configuration file but it does let me log in and it does work. So im
afraid i have to be happy with this for now.

Thank you!


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