Upgrading from 2.10 to 2.12

Phill Channon phill at onthenet.com.au
Wed Apr 5 03:03:12 UTC 2006

Hey Guys,

Just have a quick question.

I have just installed FreeBSD 6 and I have Xorg running.
I had gnome 2.12 working fine, but I can't change the screen resolution, 
so assuming im using a generic driver, rather than the specific driver 
for that card.

I ran the gnome_upgrade.sh script and it ran flawlessly.

However, I pulled the PCI video card out and checked exactly what brand 
and version it was I could choose a specific driver rather than the 
generic, and when I try to reconfigure xorg using xorgcfg -textmode it 
comes up with a heap of "failed to load" for heaps of files.

The config seems to run through fine, but i dont have access to the 
cards database - whereas when I run xorgconfig the card database it can 
find the database fine.

Is there anything i can check? It only seemed to have happened since i 
rant he upgrade script.

If someone could please get back to me with some suggesttions that would 
be great.

Thanks in advance,

 Phill Channon
 OntheNet- Support
 P 07 5553 9222
 F 07 5593 3557
 W http://www.OntheNet.com.au

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