Successfully building ekiga

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jbq at
Tue Apr 4 15:25:25 UTC 2006

* Alexander Leidinger:

> Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:
> > You  will   have  to   ask  kwm,   since  he   is  maintaining
> > gnomemeeting.
> He doesn't answer. I send several mail since...

OK so if he is not active  ATM, I guess he might not be interested
in replacing those ports by their newer counterpart.

> Regarding ekiga: maybe a repocopy from gnomemeeting is needed.

That's right,  is it required to  file a special PR  for this, and
another for the new port?

Thanks for your help,
     Jean-Baptiste Quenot
aka  John Banana Qwerty

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