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Tue Apr 4 13:35:52 UTC 2006

On Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:02:46 -0500, Jean-Baptiste Quenot <jbq at>  

> * Jeremy Messenger:
>> We have no insterest with gnomemeeting/ekiga.
> Well,  I'm  certainly missing  something  because  the Gnome  2.14
> [1]Release  Notes mention  that Ekiga  is  now part  of the  Gnome
> Desktop.

gnomemeeting (renamed to Ekiga) has been part of GNOME for long time.

> Could  you please develop further?

We are doing it for free. In the past, we used to have it (gnomemeeting)  
in x11/gnome2 but we had to remove it from x11/gnome2. Because of a lot of  
problems. If anyone take it over and maintain it very well, then we might  
put it back in.

> Your phrasing looks very unpleasant to me...

Sorry. :-)

> BTW, who is « we »?  In the name of whom are you talking?

FreeBSD GNOME Team, gnome at

>> If we want to maintain gnomemeeting/ekiga, we would have done it
>> long time ago. ;-)
> Does it mean nobody is interested  in ekiga?

Correct, it seems. Maybe it's better to say that there are very very a  
few, not nobody such as you are insteresting in.

> If this is the case, shall I will keep the port private for me,
> myself and I?

Why private? Why not maintain it by yourself in the open public? bland has  
added a good reply. If you have no insterest to maintain it, then it goes  
back to the same thing that we have no insterest to maintain it either.

>> You will have to ask kwm, since he is maintaining gnomemeeting.
> I  wonder if  it's still  maintained, because  AFAICT gnomemeeting
> does not exist anymore, see

The gnomemeetings has been renamed to ekiga. Therefore, it is a same  


> Anyway, thank you for your answers, I'm sure this will bring water
> to the mill.

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